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Pat's Exotic Beverages is a family owned business that has been operating in New York since 2000. We sell fresh Caribbean-inspired, juices and beverages that are authentic, flavorful, full of nutrients and made only with ingredients of the finest quality.

We began with one woman's love for juice-making and many years of pleas from friends and family to bottle her homemade delights. Today, our beverage line consists of 18 delicious varieties which range from fruity to milky to spicy in taste. Our juices and beverages are made using only the best natural fruits, roots, vegetables, and ingredients. There are NO preservatives and loads of vitamins & minerals. Above all, each bottle is mixed with a ton of love. 

For over 13 years, we have created a loyal and growing customer base and established ourselves as a leader in providing a wide variety of traditional Caribbean fruit and vegetable based juices and drinks. We are committed to delivering quality fresh products that you are sure to love.

​​Our Story

Our Vision

What Makes Us Different



Our Vision is high quality juices to an increasingly diverse, global community-serving the Americas, the Caribbean and the World.

We are guided by 25 Core Values that we affirm each day in Principle & Practice. Each of our drinks highlights one of our Core Values and lists an affirmation you can reflect upon while enjoying one of our beverages.

At Pat's Exotic Beverages, we create a healthier alternative for an affordable price. 

All of our beverages are mixed by hand under the most stringent conditions to ensure quality and protect our signature taste.

Our fruits & vegetables are of the highest quality, hand-picked and individually inspected closely before they are used to make our beverages. Each batch is also tasted before it is bottled. Our beverages are authentically Caribbean and will leave you with memories of "back home."

Above all, our beverages are consistently delicious and your satisfaction is absolutely 100% guaranteed.

Quality Freshness

NO Preservatives

​Essential Vitamins & Nutrients

Exotic Fruits & Vegetables

​Ingredients with known health benefits

Refreshing & Rejuvenating

​Hand Picked, Mixed & Bottled

​New & Improved Pasteurization Process

FDA & USDA Certified


Beverage Expert

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​Wholesale and Bulk Ordering (minimum required)

​​Custom Flavors & Sizes 
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Seasonal Flavors

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