Cherry Pineapple*

filtered water, cherries, pineapple & cane sugar

This refreshing beverage combines fresh cherries and pineapples to create a mixture that will leave you craving for more.

Core Value #16
Compassion- Extending myself to others in mutual dignity

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Custom Flavors

Fruit Medley-

Tropical flavors flourish in this refreshing medley of fruit. The tastes says "Exotic." 

(water, cane sugar, pineapples, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, mangoes, oranges, red raspberries, peaches, apricots, green grapes, red grapes, red apples, green apples, lemon)

Grapefruit Plush-

Grapefruit is believed to originate from Barbados. A large citrus fruit known as a shaddock was brought to the Caribbean from Polynesia and crossed with the orange to produce what we now call a “grapefruit.” It is high in Vitamin C and Calcium. Mixed with sweetened milk, this PEB creation is bound to please your taste buds.

(filtered water, grapefruit, sweetened milk, spices)

Papaya Mango-

The first Mango plants brought to Jamaica arrived in 1782 abroad the HMS Flora - one of Lord Rodney’s ships which captured the plant from a French ship on the high seas. Papaya (Pawpaw originated in Panama and is indigenous to the Caribbean and Central America.) This sensational PEB combination is aromatic and sweet, and is an addictive delight to the taste buds.

(filtered water, papaya, mango, lemon juice, ginger, brown sugar)

Tropical Cranberry-

Cranberry juice is said to be packed with potassium and powerful anti-oxidants. It is also known to be beneficial to overall bladder health. This mild-mannered Caribbean inspired version is great tasting with a tropical twist.

(water, cranberries, sugar, natural citrus flavor)

Sour Sop with Lime

filtered water, sour soup, lime juice, brown sugar & spices

A delicious non-dairy alternative to PEB’s signature juice product with a citrus kick. This nectar is made from one of the more popular fruits of the tropics, and is treasured for its wonderful taste along with its calming and invigorating health effects.

Core Value #21
Communication- Clearly expressing my intentions to others


filtered water, carrots, evaporated milk, cane sugar, nutmeg & spices

Known as the Miracle Juice", it contains a rich source of vitamin A and the B complex, carrots also rank high as a source of several other vitamins and minerals. This PEB product is delicious and made in the creamy and spicy Caribbean tradition.

Core Value #5
Quality- Aspiring to & maintaining the highest level of contribution, of service

Ginger Beer

water, ginger, brown sugar, & lemon flavor

Ginger is a strengthening root that has long been used to enhance health. This zesty and smooth libation is popular throughout the Caribbean and has earned its age-old reputation as a stomach-settler and cleanser.

Core Value #15
Perseverance- Holding fast and true to my intentions, my commitments, amidst adverse conditions


filtered water, tamarind, sugar & spices

The segmented pod of the tamarind hardens upon maturity into a brittle shell which houses three or four small seeds embedded in a tart pulp. The pulp is mixed with PEB’s secret ingredients to produce this delightfully tangy and refreshing nectar. Tamarind is a good source of protein and carbohydrates.

Core Value #4
Loyalty- Committed to my original intention

Carrot Beet

filtered water, carrots, beets, evaporated milk, cane sugar & spices

Taste this healthful combination of carrots—a rich source of vitamin A—and beets, which support blood function and the immune system. PEB has added secret ingredients to enhance the taste of this deliciously nourishing juice. 

Core Value #9

Abundance- Fullness of awareness & sharing of resources to fulfill & expand upon intentions


Irish Moss

filtered water, sea moss, evaporated milk, cane sugar, linseed, gum arabic, issinglass, & spices 

This legendary Caribbean favorite is said to restore and invigorate. Sea Moss is collected from rocky coastlines of the North Atlantic. In Jamaica, Irish Moss is considered to be a “strong back” or “stamina” drink.

Core Value #8
Focus- Keep attention on intention: confront & reclaim distraction

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Stagga Back*

filtered water, soy milk, brown sugar & spices

This drink will give your vitality a boost. Try it for a taste that will knock your socks off.

Core Value #19
Practice- Deliberate, consistent, effort toward mastery; flexibility to adapt, change, remaster

Ginger Lemonade*

filtered water, lemon juice, brown sugar & lots of ginger

A twist on PEB's classic lemonade. This beverage has a serious amount of ginger which gives it a spicy kick. It will surely leave you mouth and nose doing the happy dance.

Core Value #11
Generosity-Making a contribution even when it's not required


filtered water, cucumber, lime juice, brown sugar & spices

This delightfully cool and refreshing juice cocktail is commonly known for its benefits in firming the skin and improving complexion.

Core Value #24
Support- Fortifying self & others to be, to reflect & express

Sour Sop

filtered water, sour soup, evaporated milk, cane sugar, vanilla & spices

The velvety island nectar produced by the sour sop (guanabana) fruit has made it one of the more popular fruits of the tropics. It is treasured for its wonderful taste along with its calming and invigorating health effects. Our's is said to be best on the market. 

Core Value #7
Honesty- Grounding my intentions with authenticity


filtered water, sorrel, ginger & cane sugar

According to folklore, Sorrel, which is a member of the hibiscus family, yields its flowers just in time for the Christmas season. Its flowers and leaves have been utilized in medicinal applications for their cooling properties. PEB has improved upon this celebratory Caribbean classic that is said to have revitalizing effects.
Core Value #2
Authenticity- Knowing & being known as both true & real

Carrot Lime

filtered water, carrots, lime juice, cane sugar, ginger & spices

​​​This tangy, thirst-quenching combination is a deliciously refreshing non-dairy alternative to its more traditional cousin.


Core Value # 10

Harmony- Interacting with self & others in an authentic and peaceful manner

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Peanut Punch*

filtered water, natural oats, peanuts, evaporated milk, irish moss, spices, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon & salt

This peanut punch is the best on the market. It tastes like it's come straight from grandma's kitchen and will leave you with nostalgic memories of home. It is rich but goes done smooth. Try it for a true delight.

Core Value #3
Integrity- Basis of my word to fulfill its promise

Our Current Flavors

Carrot, Carrot Beet, Carrot Lime, Cherry Pineapple, Cucumber,

Ginger Beer, Ginger Lemonade, Irish Moss, Lemonade, Magnum, Peanut Punch, 

Pineapple Passion, Sorrel, Sour Sop, Sour Sop with Lime, Soy Sour Sop, Stagga Back, Tamarind  

Soy Sour Sop

filtered water, sour soup, soy milk, brown sugar & spices

A delicious non-dairy alternative to PEB’s signature sour sop juice product with the added benefits of soy. 

Core Value #17
Self-Restraint- Necessary to maintain harmony

Pineapple Passion

filtered water, pineapple passion fruit, lemon juice, brown sugar & natural flavors

The flavorful, translucent Passion Fruit or “Forbidden Fruit” is a preferred thirst quencher. Combined with the ever popular Pineapple, which is native to Central and South America, this PEB delight is a wonderfully refreshing experience.

Core Value #1
Love- Vulnerable, renewable & sustainable strength

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Magnum Plus*

filtered water, natural oats, honey, brown sugar, soy milk, cane, vanilla, sea salt, almond, cashew, banana, sea moss wheat germ & spices 

One look at the ingredients and no question why this beverage is called Magnum Plus! This legendary Caribbean favorite is said to restore and invigorate. 

Core Value #15
Empowerment- Ably fulfilling intentions in conscious, real time with natural vigor

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Your Mouth will Thank You


filtered water, lemon juice, ginger & brown sugar

PEB’s lemonade is the classic summer-time treat with a ginger twist. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of its name, the taste will have you coming back for more. 

Core Value #12
Dependability- Trust & release of self & others to fulfill mutual responsibilities

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